Here you will find some examples of what is possible with your videos. There are several different ways to tell your story, and the following videos have been edited with a non linear editing software. It gives you a lot of different options involving music, sound effects, narrations, and adding photographs and titles.


Agate Beach Newport Oregon


Video of a dock that washed up on Agate Beach Newport, Oregon on June 5th, 2012. There were several interesting looking creatures attached to the dock, and they have been classified as invasive species to the Northwest: TSUNAMI Debris Video


Music Videos

Videos of friends and family edited with favorite songs. Examples of the different video editing techniques.  We can take your favorite videos and songs and compile them into an enjoyable video experience.

Videos of our Granddaughter Hailey to some of our favorite music:


Hailey I'm With The Band


Hailey Time


Video of a good friends memorial in Wasilla Alaska:


Ed's Memorial


Video of St. Louis Missouri edited with the Music of Stacey Mitchhart:


St. Louis Video


The Arch


Oregon Coast Video and inland trails:


Oregon Coast


Colorful video with some cools music:

Any Color you like

Slow Motion Effects utilizing the Canon 7d 60 FPS:

Water Fall