Swing Style Solos offers the student an opportunity to see how the Jazz1 Improvisation Method works. These solos are played by using variations of the original melody. By using non-chordal tones and rhythmic variations and adding them to the original melody, the student can create their own Jazz solos.

     There are two different sets of solos. Standards #1 and Standards #2, both have six solos which have been written out  for you to practice. There are two optional CD's that can be shipped with each set of solos. CD #1 has the solos being played, and CD #2 has just the background. CD #1 allows the student to play along with the solos, and can help to build the students confidence before trying them alone. Then once they are comfortable playing with the solos CD #1, they can play them by themselves with the background CD #2. The following solos are playable by intermediate players, and can be transposed for any instrument at the buyers request.


Solos 1     Solos 2    


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