"These arrangements are not difficult, and are playable by intermediate players. The lead trumpet part does not go past an A above the staff. Very easy to learn and play....."

Always On My Mind

This is a Glenn Miller style arrangement featuring a Trumpet solo.


Angel Eyes

Glenn Miller style arrangement featuring Trombone solo.


Blue Skirt Waltz


Blues #1

Blues #1 is an original song, and the arrangement utilizes ideas from Book2 of the Jazz1 Improvisation Method. Open for solos...


Box Car Shuffle

Another original composition, this shuffle features a Trombone solo.



This arrangements features a Trumpet solo from the Jazz Legend Charlie Shavers.


Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's web an original composition featuring the Clarinet.


Cherry Pink

This Latin style arrangement will really get them dancing.



Featuring Trumpet solo


Dipsy Doodle

Semi-Dixieland style arrangement.


Kristi's Theme

Kristi's Theme was written featuring an Alto Sax solo.


If you have any questions regarding any of the arrangements and how they can be used, please feel free to contact.


Instrumentation: Three Saxophones , Two Trumpets, Trombone, Piano, Bass and Drums.


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