Improvisation Methods



Book 1:


For individual study

This Method is ideal for the young student. It shows the student notes they can use along with Chord tones in a solo. The Chord Progressions of two simple Blues Progression in Bb are used.  It comes with a C.D. that provides a background at three different Tempos.

  Book 1

Price:  $15.00 for Book 1 & C.D.


Book 2:

Material for the Jazz Band

Opens with EXAMPLES of going from one chord tone to another using different combinations of CHORD AND NON-CHORDAL TONES.


Provides a section for the study of SCALES and CHORDS of the SEVEN MODES. Each is presented in FOUR DIFFERENT KEYS.  C, F, B flat and E flat. Backgrounds are  provided for one  section to  accompany another.

See Blues #1 in ARRANGEMENTS.   Built around Blues Studies in Bb & C.

See Charlotte’s Web in Arrangements. 1st Chorus in Book.

As played by Print Music Program


Several songs of different styles allow the students to improvise.  In some cases, a student may wish to write a song of his own built around the Chord Progression.

 Book 2



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