Home Users:                                                                         


· Helping home users with basic hardware and software support. Replacing broken hardware and repairing and installing software, home networking, virus, malware, wireless, e-mail, wired, installing new systems, printers, routers, and security support.

· Need help selling on E-Bay, Craigslist, Purchasing Airline tickets, or any other type of Internet problem, we can assist you with completing your goal. We can also write training manuals you can refer to after we are gone.


Small Business:


· Keep your office environment healthy with regular checkups of all systems. Verify that virus software is functioning properly, updates are getting performed, users are able to access all network resources, network security, firewalls are activated and working properly.

· Adding new systems and or removing old systems from the network, data base support, e-mail, printing, security scans,  verify that are backups running properly, testing of backups.

· Novell and Microsoft network environments, VPN connectivity, Remote desktop connectivity, Print servers, Cisco Networking, and basic trouble shooting of a business network environment.


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Useful Links

for anyone interested in analyzing their network traffic.

Scrutinizer by Plixar:

Network monitoring tool utilizing net flow technologies. A great tool for identifying network traffic on your network.



Networking tools for managing and monitoring network hardware and applications.




Virus, Security and backup solutions.




Great place for DNS trouble shooting.



Packet Capture Protocol Analyzer for seeing what's going on in your network