This site is dedicated to my late father and his passion for music.

April 8th, 1925 - July 18th, 2013

 Dedicating 70 years of his life to the art of music, writing, arranging, performing, and teaching. I wanted to share some of the memorabilia he has saved over the years.

Having grown up in Los Angles during the 1940's, this location lends itself to many opportunities for a good trumpet player.

There are some interesting things in the collection, itineraries, pictures, union books from the 1940's, pay stubs, tax returns, hotel receipts, and letters of people showing gratitude for his work.

All and all I am  proud of my dad, and I just started scanning some of the items that I felt had  historical significance.  I am placing the scanned images and documents into photo galleries

and I will be adding links to this page as they are completed.

Camel Caravan: 1944

This was my father's first road gig, and the itinerary makes me tired every time I look at it.

Camel Caravan Itinerary:

Band Photos:

Letters and News:

Bands and Orchestras: 1944-1955

Here are few pay stubs and itineraries from the following orchestras.

Harry James Itinerary

Al Gayle Orchestra

Biltmore Hotel

Miscellaneous Pay Stubs, Lincoln Theater and Victory Ballroom

Pay Stubs for Jan Garber

Pay Stubs for Sully Mason

 Miscellaneous Items: 1944 - 1957

 My father did a great job of collecting this information, and I am very appreciative for his efforts.

He had saved pay stubs, hotel receipts, itineraries, from the following artist and organization's: Harry James, Sully Mason, Anson Weeks, Jan Garber, Columbia Pictures,

Paramount Picture, Biltmore Hotel, Lincoln Theatre, and other venues across the country.

While looking through his scrap book I found the following items:

Union Books

Union Cards

Hotel Receipts: 1945

Tax Returns

W2's 1945

W2's 1944, 1946, 1947

Pay Stubs from Columbia and Paramount Pictures

 Audio of  Charlie playing his Trumpet:

You Tube Channel Charlie playing his Trumpet



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